Hi! I am a sixth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. I work with Professor Mohit Tiwari in the SPARK Research Lab. My research interests lie in system and processor architecture security.

Previously I was an undergraduate research intern in the DASlab at Harvard SEAS, where I worked on workload-aware data partitioning supervised by Professor Stratos Idreos.

In 2016, I graduated with my bachelor degree from Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University in Computer Science.

You can find my cv here.

Research Interest

Computer Security spans across all layers of the computing stack. I am interested in bridging the gap between application-layer security requirements and low-level system and hardware primitives. Our work Cyclone enables software like browsers and Linux kernel to communicate fine-grained security domain information to hardware, allowing detection of hardware side-channels with high true positive rate and extremely low false positives. In SESAME, we allow software to tailor accelerator-TEEs to the minimal required threat models, enabling domain-specific optimization to re-gain performance.

Recent Activity

May 2020
I started as a research intern at the SysML group of Facebook AI Research (FAIR). I am exploring and optimizing use cases of Intel SGX to protect user privacy in Facebook applications.
Oct 2019
My co-author Austin Harris presented our work Cyclone at MICRO'19. We had lots of deep-dvies of Cyclone and transient side-channel attacks at our poster.
Sep 2019
I presented Power-Anomalies, and my advisor Professor Mohit Tiwari presented our work Cyclone at the ARM Research Summit 2019. It was such a great time talking to all the researchers and making new friends at the Summit!
Jul 2019
Our work Cyclone is accepted to MICRO'19!
Jun 2019
I attended ISCA'19 (FCRC 2019) and helped organize the Side and Covert Channels Tutorial. It was great to be at FCRC, learned a lot from great presentations and insightful discussions!
May 2019
I presented our work "Using Power-Anomalies to Counter Evasive Micro-Architectural Attacks in Embedded Systems" in the IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST'19).
Jan 2019
Power-Anomalies, is accepted to HOST'19 and nominated for the Best Paper Award!